A specific type of douchebag …

A kind reader mentioned Allegra’s Yelp account, which I had seen before, but pretty much ignored.  What caught me here, is the ready mentioned “… she’s seeking to get to the ELITE status …”.

Wait, what?  I thought Twitter only had Elite status??  If Yelp has it, then YES Allegra will want it.

So, after a little reading, it would make sense.  With Elite status she would get a little badge on her account, a lot more followers, and most importantly, some ass kissing from vendors who want a favorable writeup.

So I looked through her account.  If you’ve ever checked out Yelp (or any online rating service), you’ll see a disproportionate negative feedback ratio.  This is human nature.  We like to lash out and complain when we’re not happy, but document when we are?  Nah.

So here are Allegra’s stats:

Yelp statsJust a little one sided, aren’t they? This would lead me to believe that she’s using her online clout to show vendors that she will “give good Yelp”.  Presumably she’s get perqs as a result?  I’m not sure how that works.

You know all those hot Instagram chicks (no not Allegra, dumbass) that pose and mention “Bikini by ABC Swimwear”?  Well they get paid.  Sometimes in cash, other times in perqs.

What a Yelper.


And with that, I’ll leave you with this gem from Urban Dictionary <click for more>:



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One thought on “A specific type of douchebag …

  1. […] Funny enough, one of the topics covered is Yelp and the “Yelper” moniker I highlighted a while back. […]


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