Instagram Fun

Another anonymous submission with some Instagram screenshots.  Again there isn’t much context, but it appears Allegra left a comment that was insulting, or interpreted as such.  What’s interesting here, is a lot of ass kissing from Allegra in the form of apologies and compliments, and a whole lot of comments from others offering their thoughts on her.  Mildly entertaining.

Screenshot_2016-05-11-00-34-44_1 Screenshot_2016-05-11-00-36-05_1 Screenshot_2016-05-11-00-51-34_1 Screenshot_2016-05-11-01-00-36_1 Screenshot_2016-05-11-01-26-18_1 Screenshot_2016-05-11-01-29-49_1 Screenshot_2016-05-11-01-35-08_1 Screenshot_2016-05-11-01-41-25_1


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