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LLVVZZ The Author

Well it seems Allegra has a new hobby or scheme to raise more money.  If you’re following her on Instagram, you may know that she’s been laying low a lot lately.  Why’s that? Oh because she’s now trolling Tinder and making fun of everyone possible.

Like most, I’ve seen some of the tacky posts on sites like Tinder or POF… they deserve to be ridiculed.  But an Instagram account dedicated to it?  How much spare time do you have, Allegra??


So where is the money making scheme?  Well it appears that Allegra is planning on releasing a book. Perhaps this is a joke? I sure hope so.  Seriously.  Remember the calendars that may or may not have gone to charity?

Now, if you look through this timeline she has a consistent theme of calling out “Fuckbois”.  Awesome. May of the posts are indeed tacky, while some seem quite vanilla.  I never understood the need to sign up to a dating site for the express purpose of making fun of people.  I know someone who did this on POF, and it’s just lame.

To make things even more entertaining, Allegra not only Likes every Instagram post with her main LLVVZZ account, she also replies with a smiley face.  To her own post.  ALL OF THEM.


TinderClearly, I just don’t get the appeal, and if it makes her happy, well goodie for her.

A busy doctor needs a hobby.  What else is she expected to do in between running her dozen or so social media accounts, drinking nightly, and “doctoring”?  Might as well write a silly book on social media. Have at it.


llvvzz caught in the wild!

Someone caught this photo of llvvzz (Allegra Powell) without makeup and without being photoshopped!