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Dr. Tutor in hiding?

Two posts in one day, what’s going on!?!?

Well, a kind follower has pointed me on to another part of Ms. Powell’s life.  Apparently, she offered herself as a tutor through an online tutor search engine – WyzAnt.  The original profile has been deleted sometime in the last month, however, Google caches pages for quite some time.

The link to the cached page is here  (UPDATE: and now gone) and in case that gets deleted, here’s a screenshot along with a larger profile pic.

UPDATE (June 9, 2016): Found a live link here, here, and here. More search results here.

(Click for full size)

(Click for full size)

Tutor pic



Interestingly, it appears Ms Powell is cleaning up her online paper trail.  First, her Facebook account, then the tutor profile, and now I notice her Twitter bio is void of information aside from an e-mail address.  Additionally, her website is displaying a simple purple screen.

Wise, Allegra, wise.


SnapChat Ugh

Ok, this is totally me just having a bad day.  This kind of pic from a woman really irks me.  Unless you truly are a porcelain barbie doll bimbo, what self respecting, intelligent woman (“Doctor” lol) would want to appear like this?  Not my business or concern?  Very true.  Too bad. I’m being judgy today.

Fake boobs, pouty (injected?) lips, teenage hair, Japanese anime eyes, and a stupid SnapChat filter thingy. Seriously?  While the standard lineup of guys drooling all over her no longer shocks me (guys are idiots), it’s the women acting the in the same manner that irks me.

Allegra, you’re looking more and more like Valeria Lukyanova – another idiot.

Can you imagine how many Snaps she gets from drooling morons?  Yeah I know, not my issue.

Ok, rant over. Carry on.

llvvzz April 26

Oops, I did it again! [Poll]

Well it looks like I may have gotten someone’s attention:

Capture 2 Capture

Oh sweetie, not everything is about you.  This little blog thingy is about Me!  I’m amused you think it’s about a dejected lover though.  A little narcissism goes a long way.

This brings up an interesting point though.  What really is a catfish?  Some say it’s really just someone trying to be anonymous.  If that were the case, I’d support that fully.  However, that’s not my definition.  If you’re simply hiding your true identity, I’d call that intelligent.

Capture 4

To me, a catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not.  A false persona with the intent to deceive – usually to lure people into fake relationships, but not always. Are you really a hot 22 year old bikini model?  Or are you a 35 year old fat dude in his mom’s basement who gets off on sexual tension?  Are you a glamorous, model-like, world renowned physician? Or are you an aging, financially troubled, hateful, photoshopped, has-been with loose ties to the medical field?

Hun… you are not an Alaskan salmon.

Oh, regarding the Hippocratic oath you took when you “became a doctor”, they didn’t mean for you to become a hypocrite. Different etymologies, love.

Capture 3