But seriously…

Aside from everything we can laugh at about LLVVZZ, she is undoubtedly great at branding herself. The numerous accounts, consistent theme, and regular updates all link back to llvvzz.com.

If I were her, I’d have that site monetized (she likely does). Every page view would contribute to her AdSense balance. Every item that she recommends for sale would have an affiliate id associated. I’d even sell “Girls of Twitter” calendars for “charity”.  This would certainly help recover from financial issues such as a bankruptcy.

Of course, for this to work, you’d need thousands of followers. Hundreds of thousands would be better (she has this).

So, seriously, good on her (I’m being sincere here).  There’s nothing wrong with this at all, although I question the charity calendar. That said, I haven’t dug into that yet to see if there was anything behind it.


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