LLVVZZ – The Blurry Princess

Welcome everyone! We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of The Blurry Princess.  By now, you know who this is.  LLVVZZ on Blurry 1pretty much every social media platform, with hundreds of photos and not one of them is a clean, unfiltered shot.

So what? Really, that in itself is no big deal. If someone wants to be anonymous on social media, that’s usually a pretty good idea.  What irks many of us is that she’s professing to be this hot little number when she’s completely artificial online and in real life.  She has openly admitted to her $13,000 boob job, lip injections, and regular facial work.

She’s not a 25 year old anymore, and there’s nothing wrong with accepting your age. Honestly, she’s probably quite attractive if she’d drop the photoshopping, Instagram filters, and layers of makeup.

How is this my business?  It absolutely isn’t.  However, the nature of social media is one can post (almost) anything they want, which includes altered photos/personalities and the corresponding critiques of them.  For now, I have some spare time on my hands and it’s entertaining.

Blurry 2

And I’m not the only one.


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