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The Collectors Strike Back

Uh oh, financial problems for the Doctor.  We all consider physicians as set for life.  Great income, endless supply of patients, and a failing medical system.

So, how does a self professed successful medical doctor go bankrupt??  This didn’t happen all that long ago.  In fact, she was already a large account on Twitter at this point.  Perhaps her social media addiction caused her to neglect her successful private practice?

These financial issues certainly explain why she’s trying to become a social media tycoon.  I wonder if she could account for the funds raised from her “Tweetmates” calendar?



What’s in a name?

So you’re curious who LLVVZZ is?  Meet Allegra Alexandra Powell, born October 22, 1968 (47 years old as of this post). If you’ve followed her for more than 5 minutes, this likely isn’t news.

Ms Powell runs several social media accounts, a few websites, at least one corporation, and frequents Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa Arizona area bars.  All of this isn’t news, and is easily verified with a few minutes on Google.

What cannot be verified is that she is a medical doctor, as she repeatedly claims to be.  There are vague references in search results to a private practice in Washington state, but for someone who is as “out there” on social media as Allegra, there is suspiciously little, if anything, related to an actual medical profession.  Even the Washington state reference is likely a Google over simplification with the search term “Private Practice”.  Take that with a grain of salt.

So, anyone?  Paging Dr. Powell.

Busy Doctor

Ask yourself, how many busy professionals have the spare time to run numerous accounts or better yet, have the interest in doing so?

Knowing a surgeon, family physician, and a number of nurses, I am confident in saying that these are very busy people. From my experience, the doctors I know have a minimal social media presence outside of their practice.  They don’t have time for Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.  Sure, everyone’s different and having these accounts isn’t an issue.

Do you know anyone – ANYONE – who has this many accounts? I don’t think I can name a corporate entity that has this many. How much time does all of this take?

I’ll keep this list as up to date as I can, so consider this a living document.  These are some of her accounts:





Bending Doorframes

You know you’re hot when you bend door frames with your presence.

Photo 2015-08-09, 6 42 13 PMSeriously, did she think we wouldn’t notice? Well, we did.  In fact, there were dozens of comments mocking her photoshopping skills to the point that the post was deleted not long after.








She reposted it with some borders in place to hide


the bent frame.

Ladies, we understand the use of filters.  Knock yourselves out.  This… this is hilarious.


LLVVZZ – The Blurry Princess

Welcome everyone! We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of The Blurry Princess.  By now, you know who this is.  LLVVZZ on Blurry 1pretty much every social media platform, with hundreds of photos and not one of them is a clean, unfiltered shot.

So what? Really, that in itself is no big deal. If someone wants to be anonymous on social media, that’s usually a pretty good idea.  What irks many of us is that she’s professing to be this hot little number when she’s completely artificial online and in real life.  She has openly admitted to her $13,000 boob job, lip injections, and regular facial work.

She’s not a 25 year old anymore, and there’s nothing wrong with accepting your age. Honestly, she’s probably quite attractive if she’d drop the photoshopping, Instagram filters, and layers of makeup.

How is this my business?  It absolutely isn’t.  However, the nature of social media is one can post (almost) anything they want, which includes altered photos/personalities and the corresponding critiques of them.  For now, I have some spare time on my hands and it’s entertaining.

Blurry 2

And I’m not the only one.